Monday, July 21, 2014

Sign up and WIN and a Hamptons visit!!

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Visits to the Hamptons always have me clicking away as there are so many opportunities for beautiful and interesting pics. Enjoy these few with more next blog...

A charming old shingled home ...

Wisteria bloom abundantly as do all the plantings out east....herringbone path and an old, old fence add so much to this poolside entry.

Only in East Hampton will they take credit cards where they are selling yard sale items for $2.00. 

A ruckus game of  "heads up!" was going on when we arrived on Friday night...this is a family pic with napkins on their heads (WHY??) LOVE my Dad's belly!!  We heard the laughing as we walked up from the driveway. Get the HEADS UP app on your I phone and check it out, it's really fun and every age can play.

Saturday we headed out to Montauk to go riding.  My brother-in-law requested a horse named "Almost Dead".

You know you are getting old when you enjoy a nice easy trail ride...beautiful day!!

My cowboy stud...xo

One day it rained the entire day but it was a good time for cousins, young and old, to connect. (Sorry Rye....he's 30 now)

I was in the kitchen and clicked this picture.  16 of us in 2 rooms with multiple things going sister in the white brushing one of the dogs....this cracked me up as there is an ample size mud room, no one
wants to miss anything, HA!

Madison lovin' the ribs!

We pass by the beautiful windmill several times a weekend and this time we were lucky enough to find it open and I got to take the kids for the tour...

Nicky is just LOVING all the old wood ...

You know meal prep is a big part of the day and my sister Denise prepared a delicious stuffed flank steak.

The guys grilled...

Go to the stuffed flank steak recipe HERE ...we substituted the mozzarella for provolone. Let me know if you tried it, everyone loved it.

An old wooden board (available) makes happy hour down home! Pictured here is homemade hummus, soppresatta, ricotta salata cheese and my mother made homemade crackers.

Next blog will be East Hampton photos from town.

Still available at the warehouse are terrific summer entertaining items to make you the houseguest always invited again. Vintage items personalize any hostess gift!

Vintage fish pitchers......great vase when you show up with flowers too!

Vintage sailboat cocktail shaker...

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I will continue to share our progress with the renovation project here.

  Happy summer!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A gorgeous loft and a great GIVEAWAY!!

Hi everyone!
Plans continue for the big store renovation and shipments have been easy to receive at the warehouse as the store on Beechwood Road is temporarily closed.
Thank you for the wonderful visits as we expand our lines to include curated pieces that blend beautifully with one of a kind antiques and vintage treasures. I have labored over each choice as I know how much you rely on my help.  It is an exciting time for me to carefully put together relaxed, elegant rooms as I have always known they should be......personal, comfortably unique, authentic and  YOU!   From our new window panel additions to rugs, lighting and the quality fabric on our upholstered furniture line, each piece has been carefully chosen to tell a specific design story.  We have enjoyed helping you achieve that "undecorated, cookie cutter" look you all desire.

Be sure to catch my great giveaway opportunity at the end of this post...

Talented designer, Michele Niday, has been featured in widely circulated publications. Recently she acquired the gorgeous Swedish Mora clock from me for a client and I thought you would be interested to see her fabulous loft she designed in Los Angeles.
Her design shows all the right combinations and contrasts to create a beautiful, interesting and also comfortable home.

Notice the contrasts of formal mirror and chandelier with the rustic table and floors, above.

Gorgeous brick herringbone floor contrasts with the French chairs. NOTE- when I designed my breakfast room I wanted a brick floor and found real brick veneers at the tile shop....they look great! 

Crystal chandelier contrasts with a zinc trestle table (available). I always love the addition of stone as in the tabletop bust (great texture)


Such an interesting room but one you feel like relaxing in for hours...she used stone and iron side tables but the room looks anything but "HARD". This room has so much texture...the jute rug,  stone, iron, leather, hides, crystal....LOVE the paint scraped cocktail table.

A foyer was created on the right, above, and one small striped wall defines the space. A formal giltwood framed drawing looks perfect with a very rustic table. Charcoal sketches complete the classical feel. (Available)

Each room makes me often when putting a room together clients say "but it's too rustic for the sofa"... Look at this room and see how perfect the VERY rustic table tones down the formality of the sofa as does the linen upholstery and pillows. If this room had a glass and gilded iron cocktail table instead it would be too formal but this table creates the relaxed magic.

Formal painting, above, yet very relaxed area.

The striped upholstery is fun but not silly..

Michelle's quote, above reads as if she is speaking my mind...please make sure you enlarge this above to read the text as it is so enlightening.  PS...she has since changed the lights above the island.

Love the modern side table with the period mirrors and chandeliers.

Couldn't you move right in to Michelle's loft?

In strolling through the warehouse there were DOZENS of pieces that would be happy in Michelle's loft. Below are just a few we included that are currently available.

AVAILABLE....These leather chairs photographed darker than they really are....more slate grey. 

AVAILABLE....This sofa would love to be fully upholstered like Michelle's...we can even have it painted for you.

AVAILABLE....Vintage Louis XVI style chairs.  Adding upholstered host and hostess chairs would give you a set of six...

AVAILABLE....Limed, cerused mid century tables...

AVAILABLE....Muted grey painted and many zinc architecturals create unique French/Belgian interest.

AVAILABLE.....Antique Belgian industrial windows with mirrors...the Mora clock, above is the clock on its way to Michelle in California...

AVAILABLE....Artisan iron lamps...

AVAILABLE....Vintage black lacquered wall shelves.

AVAILABLE....Antique iron and brass candelabra.

AVAILABLE.....18th century French bergere chair....


AVAILABLE....these would make a great console....

One of the many antique drawings available...


Available...zinc columns and silver leaf mirrors..

Please EMAIL ME with any questions and check out the updated WEBSITE where many of these items appear .


NOW to enter the giveaway for these 2 beauties, above. Books covered in handwritten French scripts.....the perfect accessory for Michelle's French/Belgian style.  It's easy! Just like me on FACEBOOK and follow me on INSTAGRAM.  I will choose the random winner in a week.  Good luck!

I will continue to share our progress with the project here,
on Facebook and, of course INSTAGRAM 
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Please note delivery and shipping is available on all items

EMAIL ME with any questions.

Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
  12 Beechwood Road  Summit, NJ

 Beechwood Road location is temporarily closed for renovation, please visit us at the warehouse Monday-Saturday 11-5:30.
315B Springfield Ave. Summit, NJ. (Free parking lot!)